Domaren Dyane Baldwins intryck från träffen 





JULY 2014

                      The hospitality of the Swedish Chesapeake Club is legendary. This year was no exception. Although, the temperature was more like the US than Sweden-at least little humidity. The venue is charming and beautiful and dog/exhibitor friendly. The meals were delicious and served in a pleasant atmosphere. But the best was the sportsmanship and friendliness of the exhibitors. It just made it such an enjoyable event for everyone-win or lose. 

                      I looked forward with anticipation to return to Sweden after 16 yrs. to see how I found the breed since my previous judging in 1998. Thank-you so much for the invitation to return.

                      The breeders have done an excellent job in improving angulations, proportions and heads.  As before, coats were consistently correct with only the occasional soft coat.  Most dogs have balance of positive virtues which is not as easy to maintain as one might think.  What a pleasure to see so many correct "Chesapeake" heads with length of muzzle, thin lips and the overall correct head proportions- NO Lab impersonators here !   Scissors bites were the rule with one or two level bites. It was especially nice to see very few dogs too long in the loin-freight train backs not ! Bone, rib spring and body depth was the rule rather than the exception. The dogs were presented in good flesh and condition. I have to say that movement in the rear was better than seen on average back in the States.  Side movement showed power and drive.  A job well done breeders !

                      The WD/X/Q is well regarded in Europe and the titles are sought after. This year I got to judge along with Bosse Nilsson, who was fun and easy to judge with. Nearly all of the failures in all levels were due more to not enough training or handler inexperience-not lack of natural instinct. The handler inexperience was most evident in the X which cost many a dog to not pass.  I know for some entrants finding water to train on is very difficult. None of the dogs were gun shy and bird handling was good.

                      In Sweden, they ran a Master Class with the tests modeled on European style trials. Bosse put together tests with dogs running in pairs and multiple dogs on line- the steadiness of the dogs was impressive. It was interesting to see how well the dogs marked and hunted with so many birds thrown at once and each dog taking turns to retrieve while the others sat and looked on.  There were considerable intervals between each dog's work.  The winner picked up all the birds !             

                      Again thank-you for the opportunity.  

Dyane Baldwin