Ästad farm





Lat: N 57º 3' 46.51"
Long: E 12º 33' 23.93"
X= 6330982
Y= 1302952


This year Chessiemeeting will as usual be on the nice grounds at Ästad Farm on the 30 July- 2 August.


Thursday 30/7

Arrival you bring your own food, you will be able to barbeque.


Friday 31/7     

Breakfastbuffé                                                                       105 SEK                             

Lunch Today’s                                                                       125 SEK

Dinner:  Sirloin steak, red wine sauce, vegetables, estragon cream, with roasted new potatoes    295 SEK


Saturday 1/8

Breakfastbuffé                                                                      105 SEK

Lunch Today’s                                                                       125 SEK

Dinner: Pulled pork with coleslaw, roasted corn cream  etc.    175 SEK


Sunday 2/8

Breakfastbuffé                                                                      105 SEK

Lunch Today’s                                                                       125 SEK


Children’s menu

What kitchen offers or the same dish as in adults.  Price half price of what the adult pays


Vegetarian food: Cream cooked gnocchi with beans, tomatoes, hearb salad and parmesan. 195 SEK



To application to show and WD/X/Q test and Master class send an e-mail and copy of your dog/dogs pedigree. Also what in what class you want your dog entered in, on both show and test?


For foreigner exhibitors include, copy of pedigree and if you like to enter in Working class, a copy of a Working certificate has to go along with the application.


Application of dog/dogs food, and accommodation, has to be don to written latest 30 th of June

To: Ulrika Ling, Breidablicks vägen 1 A, 4332 77 Tvååker, Phone: + 46 (0)722 379195Sweden or



Payment for food and accommodation is done in cash by arrival to the treasure.

Payment for dog/dogs is done on the clubs account PG 735648-8

Payment from abroad:


IBAN: SE1695000099604207356488, Latest on the 30 th of June.



Cottage                    350 SEK/person and night (100 SEK extra with dog in the room)

Solvillan                   350 SEK/person and night  (100 SEK extra with dog in the room)

Caravan                    250 SEK/night

Tent                          150 SEK/night


If you like to rent cottage or room at Ästad, write that in the application to Ulrika.



1 Dog                             600 SEK

2 Dogs                           900 SEK

3 and more Dogs         1300 SEK

This includes show and test (and if there is time some training) Have to write down on application on what activities you like to participate.



Don’t forget the traditional auction!! All participants’ requests to contribute with things to this fun activity and to race money for next year’s Chessiemeeting. The things should of corse have something to do with what we are doing this weekend.



Friday 31/7           Start:  9:00 WD and WDX Judge:  Britt-Marie och Åke Engholm


Saturday 1/8      Start: 10:00 Official Show Judge: Fredrik Norgren


Sunday 2/8        Start: 9:00 WDQ and Master Class Judge: Britt-Marie och Åke Engholm


How to find your way to Ästad or other questions contact:

Catharina & Kaj Lindström at phone + 46 (0)340 440 25.

If you like to help at the test please contact Andres Lundholm on e-mail



You are all VERY WELCOME!