Traveling to another country for a week is always exciting, and even more so when it’s to see a bunch of Brown Dogs! I had the privilege of judging the WD/X/Q and Master Class in Sweden along with the Swedish Specialty Show.  In the WD the dogs did really well. Marking was right on for all dogs except for maybe one. Such a pleasure to see the dogs behaving, all were obedient and working quietly but strong with a lot of desire.  Several handlers were nervous but that is what makes it exciting!  During the WDX several dogs either broke or did not see the bird go down. That is always disappointing when you know they could probably do the work. The WDQ dog is really training well and almost at that level just not quite today.  The Master Class—the name says it all!   Great work by all the dogs, showing desire and that many hours were spent between the dog and handler. The dogs had desire and marking ability was good. A little more work on the blinds is all that was needed. They honored the whole time the other dog was working which itself is a huge accomplishment.  The grounds at Astad are beautiful and such a well run place. I must thank everyone there, whether from Sweden, Norway, Germany, Austria, etc.  Everyone was charming, friendly and supported each other at the show and at the tests - Great Chesapeake People. Thanks to the Swedish club for having me over and my hosts the Lindstroms for their hospitality and visiting at their lovely home.          



Jane Pappler